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Although summer might feel like it’s passing us by quicker than some of us can catch a tan, who’s to say the holiday season needs to be over so soon? While the days are getting shorter and the temperatures even cooler here in the UK – elsewhere the sunny weather will continue to be just as glorious as ever. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best destinations for some winter sun, all flying or connecting from Teesside Airport!


Alicante is one of Spain’s top visitor destinations and is a popular location for holidaymakers looking for a relaxing winter break. With temperatures averaging 20C-plus, a trip to this small Spanish town will not disappoint! Alicante is suitable for everyone, with exciting experiences perfect for the kids, and restful retreats ideal for adults – why not book a winter getaway and enjoy the holiday season abroad?

What’s more, you can also fly direct to Alicante from Teesside Airport, so you won’t have to wait long to escape the cold and enjoy the sun!

Alicante - Winter sun


With so much to do and even more to see, Dubai is a great winter sun destination. Explore the ‘futuristic’ architecture, fascinating skyscrapers and so much more, all while basking in average sunny temperatures of 30C! This destination isn’t just financially wealthy, it’s also culturally rich, so you can enjoy a taste of the world from the heart of Dubai.

Did you know, you can even get to Dubai from Teesside – simply hop on a connecting flight from Amsterdam!


Phuket, Thailand

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, a trip to Thailand this winter could be exactly what you’re looking for. Home to astonishing landscapes, fantastic beaches, and incredible food, Phuket is perfect if you enjoy a buzzing nightlife, historic landmarks, and amazing architecture, all whilst enjoying temperatures guaranteed to make everyone at home feel jealous!

You don’t have to travel far to get there! Fly direct from Teesside to Amsterdam, then connect to Thailand – simple as that.

Thailand - Winter sun

Melbourne, Australia

It might be turning chilly for us, but down in Oz things are very different. Our winter months are the best time to visit Australia, with temperatures peaking around 25-30C. This destination has so much to offer everyone, with amazing days out and adventures, to some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife – all within a pebble’s throw of a beach. Visit Australia this winter for a festive season like no other!

Better yet, you can even go Down Under from Teesside! Just catch a connecting flight from Amsterdam.


Cairo, Egypt

Breath-taking pyramids and rich history are in abundance in Cairo, if you’re still in de-Nile about summer coming to an end. Engulfed in fascinating stories and ancient knowledge, Egypt is a great and affordable winter sun destination known for some incredible architecture, tasty food, and beautiful winter weather! So why not treat yourself to an Egyptian vacation this winter and explore everything one of the Middle East’s biggest cities has to offer.

You can even get there via Teesside Airport, just connect through Amsterdam.

Egypt - Winter sun

Well, what’re you waiting for – why not book that winter sun holiday from Teesside and keep the cold at bay for a little bit longer?