CHANGE TO LIQUID RESTRICTIONS | New Government restriction on liquids carried in hand luggage  |  From midnight on Saturday 8th June, all liquids in hand luggage must be in containers of under 100ml  |  Read more


It’s our number one priority to look after the safety and security of everyone at Teesside International Airport: our passengers, visitors, and staff. Our security area has recently undergone a redevelopment to make getting through smoother and easier than ever.

From midnight on Saturday 8 June 2024, passengers flying from Teesside are advised to carry all non-essential liquids in hold luggage. All liquids, gels and creams in hand luggage must be in containers of up to 100ml until the nationwide issue is resolved.

Liquids do not need to be placed in a plastic bag and do not need to be taken out of your bags prior to screening. There is no specified limit to the number of 100ml liquid containers that may be carried.

We have five simple steps for you to follow to enable you to fly through security.

Have your boarding cards ready for inspection
Remove coats, hats, scarves, belts, anything from your pockets, and heeled shoes or boots
Place your bags into the security trays
Follow the instruction of the security officer and proceed through the body scanner when asked
Collect your trays once they’ve been screened and proceed to the repack area 

For everything else you need to know about what you can and cannot pack in both hand luggage and hold baggage, please see here.