Hand & Hold Baggage

Baggage Allowance

Each airline operating from Teesside International Airport has its own rules and policies in place regarding baggage size, weight and number in both hand and hold luggage. To determine your baggage allowance, the prohibited size of your hand luggage and any additional charges for excess baggage, please refer to your booking details with your airline, or see their websites below.  

Baggage Advice

To ensure your trip through check-in and security and on to departures is as easy, smooth and efficient as possible, please follow the below advice:  

  • Ensure all of your luggage is packed by you, it has not been tampered with, and you do not take any gifts or items on behalf of others.  
  • Please do not leave your luggage unattended anywhere in or around the terminal building. This is a security risk and your luggage may be destroyed.  
  • Any sharp items such as scissors should be stored in your hold luggage, not your hand luggage.  

For more information on what you can and cannot pack, please see Government guidance below.   

Please note, thanks to Teesside Airport’s state-of-the-art scanners, certain restrictions around liquids and electronics for hand baggage do not apply.  

You can carry multiple liquids in your hand luggage as long as each individual liquid is no more than 2 litres, liquids do not need to be placed in a separate liquids bag and your liquids and electronics do not need to be removed from your hand luggage. 

Unusual or oversized baggage

Please contact your airline or handling agent should you have any unusual or oversized baggage well ahead of departure.

Lost or damaged baggage

In the unlikely event that your luggage is lost while you are travelling to or from Teesside Airport, please contact your airline directly, which will be able to help.

Should you find that your luggage is damaged, you must contact the airline representative, within the baggage reclaim hall at Teesside Airport. Claims made once you’ve left the baggage reclaim hall may not be validated and therefore void.

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