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Passenger Assistance

There is lift and ramp access to most areas of the building and if you’re disabled or have restricted mobility, our dedicated special assistance team can offer extra help if needed. 

All you have to do is specify your needs with your airline or tour operator when you book your flight. 

They’ll then let us know you’re coming so we can prepare to help you with things like: 

  • Lifting baggage and equipment in and out of your vehicle 
  • Getting to and from the car park to the terminal 
  • Moving around the airport 
  • Checking in 
  • Registering, dropping off or picking up baggage 
  • Accessing the disabled toilet facilities 
  • Getting on and off the plane (using our Ambulift where appropriate) 
  • If you were unable to request assistance at the time of your booking your flight, you can contact us directly prior to departure on 01325 331055. 

Get in touch upon arrival

There are several ways you can let us know when you get to the airport. From the car park you can call us on 01325 331055, or you can use our Special Assistance call point which is located within the accessible parking area. A member of staff will then meet you in the car park if required. 

Disabled parking

The journey from the car park to the terminal isn’t very far at Teesside International Airport. However, we understand that it can still represent a trial for some our disabled passengers and their carers. 

To help keep that journey to an absolute minimum, we’ve set aside a row of dedicated disabled parking spaces right at the front of the car park. 

Please be aware that they are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so we would advise you to arrive as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

If you need any further assistance during your time at the airport please let us know in advance how we can help you. 

Walking distances

If you require special assistance upon arrival to the airport, you may find the following approximate walking distances helpful. 

Disabled car parking spaces to check-in desks – 52 metres (One minute) 

Terminal entrance to the check-in desks – 24 metres (30 seconds) 

Check-in desks to Security – 41 metres (45 seconds) 

Security to farthest departure gate – 66 metres (90 seconds) 

Aircraft stands to baggage reclaim – 51 metres (One Minute) 

Baggage reclaim to the car park – 137 metres (Two minutes) 

Assistance dogs

Teesside International Airport accept registered assistance dogs when travelling on approved airlines and routes. Assistance dogs are processed as normal through the central search area. Please check the details with your airline or operator when booking your flight to ensure you have the correct documentation. 

Mobility equipment

In the unlikely event that on arrival of your flight you find that your mobility equipment is damaged or lost, we will help arrange for local providers to supply temporary replacement equipment (albeit not necessarily on a like-for-like basis) or, if possible, by temporarily lending you our equipment. 

Do you need a wheelchair?

We always have wheelchairs available. Just request one when you book your flight and we’ll bring it to you when you let us know you’ve arrived. You’ll be able to stay with your wheelchair right up until you board and it will be available for you again as soon as you disembark. 

Airport security

Airport security staff are on hand to assist passengers with any special requirements they may have.  A dedicated room is available within the central search area for passengers who require privacy when being searched. 

Hidden disabilities

Teesside International Airport is proud to be part of the Hidden Disability Sunflower scheme. Not all disabilities are visible; some are not immediately obvious such as autism, chronic pain, dementia, and anxiety. Hidden disabilities include learning difficulties, mental health problems as well as mobility, speech, visual or hearing impairments. Lanyards for those who choose to make themselves visible are available in the terminal building and can be used solely for travelling at Teesside Airport or at other participating airports such as Amsterdam Schiphol. 

Changing Places

A dedicated Changing Places Toilet is located in the landside check- in area of the terminal.

Changing Places toilets ensure that every person, regardless of their access needs or disability or reliance on the assistance of carers or specialist equipment, can access a toilet facility safely and comfortably so that our passengers can travel via Teesside Airport with confidence.

The operation of the room and its facilities are the responsibility of the user, and guidance notes are provided.

Users of the facility must bring their own slings for the mobile lift; Teesside International Airport does not provide these.

Shower facilities are not featured in this facility

The Changing Places facility is locked when not in use and access is available by contacting the Airport Information Desk in the main check-in area.

An emergency pull cord is positioned within the Changing Places toilet should a user need to alert a member of the team.

Features of the room:

  • Height adjustable bed (maximum weight 240kg/ 529 lb/ 37 stone), with side support rails
  • Mobile Lift (maximum weight 180 kgs/ 396 lbs/ 28 stone) Hydraulic Gantry Lift, Oxford Classic Midi 180
  • Centrally placed toilet with fixed and drop-down handrails
  • Privacy Screen
  • Accessible sink with fixed handrails
  • Hand towel and couch paper towel dispensers
  • Sanitary waste facilities

For further information on Changing Places and the work the organisation does, please visit Changing Places Toilets