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Worldwide connections

Teesside International Airport is the region’s gateway to the world. With airline partner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, you can connect to more than 200 worldwide destinations at great fares via the award-winning hub at Amsterdam Schiphol. 

Flights to London Heathrow, the UK’s biggest airport, are also on sale. You access more than 180 locations in 84 countries across the world when connecting via London Heathrow from Teesside. Thanks to Loganair’s agreement with some of the world’s biggest airlines, including British Airways, Emirates and Qatar Airways, you can travel from Teesside on one ticket right across the world, with no need to recheck your luggage or check in again! 

Loganair - London Heathrow

For the first time in more than a decade you can now fly from Teesside to London Heathrow with Loganair. 

In just over an hour you can be arriving at UK’s biggest airport, offering you access to more  than 180 locations in 84 countries across the world. 

KLM - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

KLM offers passengers daily flights to Amsterdam, with onward connections to exciting  destinations such as New York, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Bangkok. 

Onward connectivity is seamless through Schiphol Airport, with an easy-to-navigate terminal  and, as all facilities are under one roof, this ensures hassle-free connections. The airport  offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants, an impressive Holland Boulevard, the world’s  first airport library and even a Mini Rijksmuseum. 

So whether you are travelling onwards with KLM or one of its SkyTeam, partners such as  Delta, Air France, Alitalia or China Airlines, you can fly worldwide from Teesside. 

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