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Teesside Airshow Parking FAQs


Does my airshow ticket include my parking, or do I need to buy a ticket to park?

No, parking must be purchased as well as your admission ticket. You can buy your parking here for £5 per space.

Can I purchase parking on the day?

No, the event will be sold out. All tickets must be purchased in advance.

If I’m going to the airshow, can I use the main airport car park?

No, the airport car park is for passengers only and you will not be able to access the event from this car park.

Can I walk to the airshow?

Yes – click here to view the map, which shows the route into the event.

Is there a drop-off area?

Yes – click here to view the map, which marks the disabled access and drop-off area.

Is there any public transport?

Yes, the Number 12 bus will take you to the airport early in the day. The TeesFlex bus also operates to the airport for the areas that it serves. Find out where you can get on here.

Is there any other parking available nearby?

No, you can only park in a booked space, so it is extremely important that you book your parking.

Is there any disabled parking access?

Yes, please refer to the map here for disabled parking and drop-off zone.

What time can I park from?

The gate opens from 8am, so you will be able to access parking from then.

Can I stop on the A67 road to watch the air displays from there?

No, this is a clearway. No stopping is permitted at any time and tow zone is in operation.


Am I still able to park in the main car park if I’m flying out from Teesside on the day?

Yes, you will be able to park as normal.

What time shall I arrive at the airport for my departing flight?

We would recommend arriving three hours before your flight to account for any traffic delays.

I’m concerned I could miss my flight due to traffic disruption, will passenger traffic be filtered?

While we are expecting it to be busier than usual, as long as passengers arrive three hours before departure you will be processed in time.