1AB Taxis Ltd is based on-site, with a booking desk in the main terminal and dedicated pick-up point directly outside.  

It operates a 24/7 service 365 days a year, with a modern fleet of vehicles, carrying up to eight passengers at a time.    

All you need to do is call 01325 282 828 / 01325 466 664 to book a taxi.  


1AB Taxis Ltd freephone is also available for all airport customers to use. It is located at the baggage collection point in the arrivals hallway. Simply lift the receiver and wait for a connection and you will automatically be linked to the 1AB Taxis Ltd call centre. The 1AB Taxis Ltd dedicated team will be pleased to help you with all your taxi requirements.   


Download the 1AB Taxis Ltd app on Android or iPhone. It’s a free app from where you can manage all your taxis requirements. You can track your vehicle, edit or cancel your journey all at the click of a button. Payments can be made on the secure app or in the vehicle via the secure in-car card terminals using chip and pin, Apple Pay or contactless. All credit / debit cards are accepted.   

For more information on our taxi partners visit their website:   

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