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Published on: 17th June 2021

We hope you’re as excited as we are for our new look airport. Following a multimillion-pound transformation to the airport’s terminal building, the changes will make it easier and smoother than ever to check in, pass through security, enjoy a range of food and drink options at our new café, bars and lounges and browse our shops.

And one of the most exciting things about our refit is how we’ve been able to champion our local businesses that have made this happen. A total of 92% of the improvements made to the airport were carried out by local firms, keeping the cash we’ve spent in our local economy and putting it into the pockets of our workers.

Since being brought back into public ownership, Teesside International Airport has been backing the region’s companies, sourcing locally in sectors such as IT support, security and financial services.

And our transformation has given us the ability to bring in even more local firms and contractors to take on everything from design and construction to digital and catering. To see just how many have been involved and what they’ve been doing, check out the image below.

Alongside our Duty Free and newsagent sits House of Zana and Rejoy, a boutique store filled to the brim with a range of fantastic products from independent retailers across the region, established by entrepreneurs Amber Kotrri and Erin Harper.

Fashion boutique House of Zana and beauty salon Rejoy are both based in Darlington, but have teamed up to bring items from their own stores, as well as other local brands to the airport, covering everything from cosmetics, fashion and accessories such as leather items from Stockton’s Coupland Leather, to work from local artists and perfect last-minute holiday essentials.

So whether it’s helping to turn our airport around or giving local people and visitors alike a piece of Teesside to take away with them, if you support your local airport, you’re also supporting our local businesses.

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