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The nights have drawn in and there’s certainly a cold snap in the air which means a certain something is on its way… Christmas! Here at Teesside Airport, we love seeing the excited faces of little ones heading off on a day trip to meet Santa, or even the grown-ups departing for snowy landscapes to search for the Northern Lights. Our trips and experiences might be sold out for 2023 but we’ve got a whole lot still to offer you for 2024.

Lapland Santa Experience Day Trip

Date: 12th December 2024

Price: Adults from £630pp* & Children from £585pp*

Tour Operator: Newmarket Holidays

From the moment you step on Newmarket Holidays’ privately chartered plane at Teesside Airport, the adventure unfolds. Flying to Lapland, witness the transition from UK fields to Lapland’s snow-capped trees, landing in the remote Swedish wilderness of Pajala. Here, amid the crisp, snowy landscape, exclusive to Newmarket Holidays, the day begins. Venture to Santa’s village in a private ride, enjoying a host of festive activities like husky racing, snowmobile rides, and reindeer adventures bathed in the warm glow of lanterns and the winter sunset—all before lunch. After a hearty meal, the anticipation builds as a secret path leads to a private meeting with Santa, where the kids can share their gift wish list. The day concludes with a return flight to the UK, leaving everyone with cherished memories after a fun-filled day.

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Visit Santa in Lapland

Date: 14th December 2024

Price: Adults from £629pp** & Children from £589pp**

Tour Operator: Transun

Lapland? In a day? And back in time for supper? From the early morning excitement of setting out to meet the real Father Christmas to descending from the clouds into Lapland’s snow-capped enchantment, the journey is filled with anticipation. This family adventure unfolds in a land of jolly snowball fights, perfect snow angels, and exhilarating tobogganing. A visit to Santa is a must, with letters in hand to share Christmas wishes. But the adventure doesn’t end there—try your hand at quintessential Lapland experiences like husky sledding, snowmobiling, and a reindeer sleigh ride before heading home. What an extraordinary adventure, leaving behind cherished memories and endless fun!

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See the Northern Lights

Date: 11th January 2024

Price: Adult from £929pp**

Tour Operator: Transun

Located along the Official Northern Lights Route, spanning 600km through Lapland, Transun breaks offer the best vantage points recognized by the governments of Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Opt for a 3-night break in True Lapland, a winter holiday not only for witnessing the Northern Lights but also for indulging in once-in-a-lifetime Arctic activities. Mush a team of huskies across the Arctic tundra, navigate a snowmobile down a frozen river, ride a reindeer sleigh through snow-capped forests, and consider spending a night in an igloo for the ultimate Arctic experience.

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Iceland Tour

Date: 28th November 2024 or 2nd December 2024

Tour Operator: Fairs Lloyds Travel

Get ready to embark on an Iceland Tour that promises to be the highlight of 2024. Fairs Lloyds Travel is set to launch an extraordinary journey through the land of fire and ice. Be prepared to witness the extraordinary landscapes, geysers, and glaciers that make Iceland a traveller’s dream.

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