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Teesside International Airport will be flying high once again following a massive terminal redevelopment programme.

The entire airport, from check-in desks and security to redeveloped airside departure gates, will be transformed and brought up to date as work being carried out by local firms continues.

The redevelopment is taking place to make it ready for the increased number of passengers expected to come through its doors, thanks to the introduction of domestic routes via Loganair and Eastern Airways, expanded summer holiday services with Balkan Holidays and JetsGo Holidays and from securing Ryanair as a low-cost carrier.

Here’s a look at how your local airport will be remodelled to give passengers a top quality experience when it reopens further after the easing of restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Check-in Hall

Areas of the terminal previously mothballed will be brought back to life, with redeveloped check-in desks.


A renovated security area will make passage through to the departure gates even smoother. A new state-of-the-art body scanner and a C3 x-ray baggage scanner will speed up security and helping to process more passengers quicker. The body scanner will assist the metal detectors to reduce physical checks, while the baggage scanner means that passengers will no longer have to remove liquids and electrical items from bags and pass them through separately. These will also make global travel via Amsterdam Schiphol and London Heathrow easier, with no requirement to pass through additional checks

Passenger passes through security scanner at Teesside Airport


A fully refurbished additional boarding gate will serve passengers taking advantage of Ryanair’s new summer holiday flights later this year. An essential part of any airport, the duty free area, is also set to return after eight years, so travellers can pick up great deals on a range of items such as perfumes, sweet treats and more.

People jetting off later this year, passengers will have a choice of new food and drink options, with new bars, two new executive lounges and a coffee shop to they can refuel before take-off.



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