Air Traffic Engineering Manager

Closing Date: 06/04/2022
Salary: £42,000 a year

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Job Purpose Statement

To be responsible for:

  • Operation of the Air Traffic Engineering Department, ensuring it meets all statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Maintain the Communications, Navigational and Surveillance services for the safety or aircraft in flight and on the ground.
  • Ensure the aids to navigation and communications are operating as published.
  • To manage the training and development of personnel, to achieve a flexible and multi-skilled team.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Operation of a CAA Approved Maintenance Organisation and to ensure that all ATCSL ATE accountabilities are met with respect to CAP670, Safety/Quality/Security Manuals, and the approved maintenance programme, as per the separate accountability and responsibility document.
  • Ensure correct installation and maintenance of all telecommunications and CNS equipment, performance checks and measurements to the standards required by the CAA and other regulatory and control authorities.
  • To manage the Engineering personnel including the type rating of staff as required for SARG on the various items of navigational and ATS related equipment and ensuring any Training & Competency manual is adhered too.
  • To liaise with the CAA and SARG with reference to staff and equipment changes or modifications.
  • To obtain and manage OFCOM Licences to meet the Operational Requirement.
  • The management for the introduction of safety related equipment and software, ensuring its satisfactory completion, including safety cases and CAA approval when required.
  • To maintain flight calibration schedules of the DME, ILS and NDB.
  • To provide Technical Aerodrome Safeguarding including Wind Farm applications.
  • Management of Air Traffic Engineers and sub-contractors whilst on site.
  • Forward planning and preparation of budgets for ATE.
  • To ensure that all test equipment is Calibrated and fit for use.
  • To provide adequate equipment and consumable spares to assist scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in adequate workshop facilities.
  • To control and maintain frequency and calibration certification.
  • Control of impounded archival materials.
  • To manage and review all department documents/procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to notify the relevant parties of any amendments.
  • The management of contracts and agreements for the supply of services to the department in conjunction with the procurement department.
  • To report any incidents which may or likely to endanger aircraft safety.
  • To manage the Air Traffic telephone lines, excluding main Airport PABX and PABX lines.
  • To provide cover on the ATE shift roster/on-call system, as and when required.
  • To represent the ATE department in various meetings, focus groups and liaise with third parties on ATE related topics.
  • The management and maintenance of the terms of the agreed SLA with the ATCUM.
  • The management of ATE staff watch lists, leave, rosters and all training requirements.
  • Implementing and maintaining Air Traffic Control Services LTD Safety, Quality and Security Management Systems and procedures as applicable to ATS.
  • Any ad-hoc duties which may occur from time to time are considered to be within the post holders capabilities to ensure business continuity.
  • Whilst at work the post-holder will be expected to comply and co-operate with the company’s Safety Management System (SMS) and is reminded of the employee’s responsibilities as detailed in Sections 7 & 8 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The post holder will:
  • Take reasonable care of the health and safety of him/her and other persons who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work.
  • Co-operate with the Company management so far as is necessary in order that the Company can carry out its statutory duty under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and all relevant statutory provisions.
  • Not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare.
  • In addition, the post-holder will comply with the more specific requirements contained within the Safety Management System and associated documents.
  • Whilst at work the post-holder will be expected to take into consideration how their individual and collective actions may affect the Airport Company’s continued compliance with environmental guidance and legislation.
  • Take responsibility for their actions and co-operate with the Airport Company Management so far as possible to minimise and prevent the potential pollution of the environment.
  • Not to intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse plant equipment, procedures or instructions that may lead to a pollution incident.


As part of the responsibility and under the Air Navigation (No.2) Order, as amended, for providing a maintenance organisation approved by the Safety Regulation Group, the post holder must produce documentary evidence on request about the serviceability of all equipment or facility provided. In order to ensure that the evidence is always available in a suitable form, all maintenance personnel must carefully and conscientiously keep the records required in the maintenance documents laid down in the respective maintenance schedules.

The post holder should be able to carry out 2nd Level Maintenance on all of the following equipment (list not exhaustive):

  • Ground/Air Communications including VCCS
  • Navaids including ILS, DME, NDB and VDF
  • Primary Surveillance Radar including Radar Data Processing and Display System
  • Meteorological Sensor and Display System
  • Computer based information systems

This job description is an outline of the key tasks and responsibilities of the post and the post holder may be required to undertake additional duties in line with the seniority of the role. The post may change over time to reflect the developing needs of the group and its services, as well as the personal development needs of the post holder. This job description will be subject to regular review and adjustment.

If you consider any such adjustment to be unreasonable, you may appeal against the decision using the Company Grievance Procedure, details of which can be found in the Company Handbook.

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